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G1 + G2 = G3! Check out or latest post. We explain a bit more about what where doing with all our generations and versions.

Networking issues at our provider should now be resolved and working again. Geometra 2 should now start properly again.

Networking issues has been identified and are being worked upon to be resolved a.s.a.p.

One of our server providers is currently experiencing networking issues, leading to slow starting times for Geometra 2.

Service restored for Geometra 2 now. First round of investigation seems to suggest a power surge/outage in data center.

We’re investigating connection issues for Geometra 2.

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Rönnmarks Undertak: Anders Lundström, Project manager

Rönnmarks Undertak: Anders Lundström, Project manager

Rönnmarks Undertak was founded in the 50’s and today has over 25 employees. We specialize in demanding subcontracts and accompany you as a customer from start to finish. Our ceiling contractions is prepared for the future. 

For over 50 years, we have performed demanding subcontracts, including offices, schools, restaurants, hospitals, train stations, hostages and bath houses. Our motto is “rätt ska vara rätt”, which translates to “all things needs to be correct” in the construction process. In addition to ensuring that we keep our promises, we will keep a dialogue with you as a client at all times to achieve the best possible end result.

Utilizing our experience and understanding for the entire construction process we constantly push ourselves to develop new technical innovation to make sure we meet the demands and then some. The single most important strength is that we are passionate about the craftsmanship, and it’s not just about fast project completion but also constantly evolving to meet new demands.

What was the reason that you chose Geometra?

We discovered that Geometra was a great tool in many ways. Both in terms of takeoffs, material order, chord counting and sorting.

To what typ of projects do you use Geometra?

We use Geometra to estimate on ceiling and acoustics contracts. The latest contracts we used Geometra in include New Karolinska hospital, Märsta Library and Jakobsberg Bus Terminal.

What is the biggest benefit of Geometra?

I have used Geometra for several years and have been very satisfied. But with “New Geometra” it works incredibly well! (Also for me as Mac users). The guys at Geometra are responsive and very service oriented. The support always answers and is there a problem that can not be solved directly, they will always work hard to solve it. They have always had an interest in how we work to implement new features in their product.

Anders Lundström, Project manager, Rönnmarks Undertak