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BK Beräkningskonsulter: Johan Karlsson, Head of takeoffs

BK Beräkningskonsulter: Johan Karlsson, Head of takeoffs

BK Beräkningskonsulter started in 1981. Since its inception, BK Beräkningskonsulter have grown steadily and the company now has about 45 employees. The company has offices in Stockholm, Örebro, Gothenburg and Sandviken. With specialist competence and high level of service, BK Beräkningskonsulter AB provides the building industry players with consulting services in descriptions, estimations and takeoffs.

What was the reason that you chose Geometra?

We needed a tool to make takeoffs of PDF drawings and the choice fell on Geometra. Since we takeoff many constructions projects in the early stages as well as turnkey projects, the amount of color scales we could use was a great way to control how we adopted surface layers, interior wall types, etc.

To what typ of projects do you use Geometra?

We work with Geometra in all types of construction projects. We use the program on everything from small preschools to Mall of Scandinavia.

What is the biggest benefit of Geometra?

We see an advantage with Geometra primarily with regard to traceability and that we can easily get an overview of what is estimated. It is also very easy to get in touch with the support that quickly and professionally can help us when we encounter problems. We also get quick response to improvement suggestions on features in Geometra.

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