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2017-11 Update of Geometra

2017-11 Update of Geometra

Released: 2017-11-08


The past few weeks have been rough as the development team has been catching up on postponed vacation time from this summer and have been hit hard with illness. This has unfortunately affected this month updates and held us back from completing the work we had planned for this release. We’re slowly getting back on track and will keep pushing forward as much as possible.

As you all have noticed we’re still working on the issue of updating of Files. We do believe we’ve found a fix that will sort this and it is currently in testing to be released a.s.a.p. This will be released in a hotfix as soon as it’s ready, not following our normal release schedule. When released we will remove the text inside the Files panel.

Speaking of release schedule, we’re continously improving on how to release updates and features to our awesome users and are currently rolling with a release plan of every second wednesday of the month.

The feedback we’ve recieved is continously being compiled but some highlights we’d like to talk about that have been reviewed and pushed through to development and are confirmed to be implemented in the future.

  • SnapOn – Yes, this is something we’re actively working on!
  • Tiling – Being able to calculate how many tiles are needed for an area.
  • Pan/Move with ‘Space’ – To make it easier to navigate the PDF.
  • Improvments of line and point sizes – We hear you, we’re reworking these to improve visibility.
  • GUI tweaks – Annotation Settings and Calculation Rows to no longer overlap the PDF. Also, ability to hide the Calculation Rows.
  • Text/Comments – It’s finished to about 90%, ironing out the details.
  • Export improvmenets – Adding more options to exporting, consolidated rows is a start.
  • More values and variables – Outerdim X & Y, Net Length (NL), Net Volume (NVO), Angles, Height (H) and more.
  • Tree view for Annotations and Folders – We’ve are currently prototyping this internally. Featuring resizable columns, drag’n’drop sorting and better filtering options.


As always, we’re incredibly grateful of all the feedback you are providing us with, helping us out to make Geometra ono of the great services out there. For now we offer a small set of quality of life improvements.
// The Geometra Team



  • [New feature] Added a quick command, ‘F7’, to change color of selected Annotations.
  • [New feature] Added a quick command, ‘+’, to Add new row to selected Annotations.
  • [New feature] Added a quick command, ‘F2’, to change name of selected Annotations.
  • [Upgrade] Fixed the problem where inheritence of color, height, line- and point sizes didn’t work when placing new Annotations.
  • [Upgrade] Fixed the bug where number didn’t auto increment for Annotations, combined with inheritence.

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In discovery of a critical bug we've temporarliy reverted back to the previous version. We're working on a fix.