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Nordic Surface: Alexander Wallström, Sales Manager

Nordic Surface: Alexander Wallström, Sales Manager

Nordic Surface develops, sells and installs various coatings suitable for football fields, multisport courts, public environment, schools and playgrounds. We work with artificial turf and site cast rubber coating. We also do field work and the installation of playground equipment. Nordic Surface is the innovative player in the coating market and stands of high quality and good service.

What was the reason that you chose Geometra?

We needed a tool to calculate and measure on blueprints in pdf format and three years ago we found Geometra that suited our needs.

To what typ of projects do you use Geometra?

All our offers are based on drawings in pdf format and we estimate, deliver and perform construction of playgrounds, artificial turf, inner courtyards and school farms.

What is the biggest benefit of Geometra?

It is easy to make takeoffs of areas for eg artificial turf and rubber mats. Playgrounds often have irregular shapes and Geometra makes it very easy to follow these curved surfaces and takeoff the areas for the estimation of the projects.

Alexander Wallström, Sales Manager Nordic Surface

Fun facts

The road to the Nordic Surface
What do you do when you want a golfgreen at home? You are a young and promising golf talent and you have your parents blessing to build it if you’re doing everything practical yourself. But of course you do not have a clue how to build a golfgreen.

Michael Hammar, who founded the Nordic Surface and its predecessor Konstgräsexperten, did what he is best at – being curious. By asking the industry’s foremost, he realized that the best option for creating a world-class golfgreen was artificial turf. Many trips and a huge load of hard work later the golf green was ready to be opened.

But it was somethinge else but the golf in this project that caught the attention of young Michael Hammar. The innovation of those who worked with an artificial turf were striking. The industry was in its infancy, and so Michael Hammar decided that if he could create a world-class golfgreen, he could also create a world-class coating supplier: Nordic Surface.

And the golf green? Nine years later it remains, widely used.