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We're currently looking into legacy service for Geometra Java outage. We'll post back as soon as it's available again.

Some users are experiencing performance issues. We’re performing rolling restarts of all services to address this. We expect none to minor service interruptions.

Full patch notes can be found here:

We’ve just published a new version of Geometra. And for the first time, we’re going through patch notes (in Swedish) in video!

App Server upgrades have now been completed. We’re working on two more upgrades for today. Stay tuned! The next one is big! 😁

We’re in the process of upgrading and releasing new servers. We’ll be performing rolling restarts on services during this time. We’re grateful for your patience!

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2019-02 Education, End of Life and tons of updates

2019-02 Education, End of Life and tons of updates

Det här blogginlägget finns också att läsa på svenska:2019-02 Utbildning, arkivering och uppdateringar

We’re back to work after our holiday break, and we hope you all enjoyed the holidays. Now that we’ve had a few weeks’ worth of work it’s time for more updates and news!

School for Entrepreneurs

We’ve got a couple of new things coming up for this year, main thing will be our focus on education and training session for Geometra and eKalkyl. Alongside this we’re starting our “School for Entrepreneurs” where participants will enrol for 6 months to work together with our CEO, Marco Skrinjar, with topics such as securing liquidity, structure your planning, understanding the basics of project management and LEAN and much more.

More information available in Swedish here:

End of life for Geometra 2

We will also begin ending the life of Geometra 2 in the next couple of months, if you haven’t started working in the web version yet it’s high time as we will be starting to disable features and functionality in Geometra 2 over the next few months.

If you need help getting started, please feel free to check out our training sessions available at:

Dates coming up are:

  • February 14th
  • March 14th


There’s also a great guide for getting started available on our website over at:

Updates for eKalkyl

We’ll be in doing a review of pricing and calculations for eKalkyl at the start of the year as we always do, updating it for new prerequisites for 2019 along with updates for material prices. These are expected to go live gradually as we complete each step over the next couple of weeks.

We’ll also be revising how eKalkyl calculates on fire protection painting with revised material consumptions and prices. These are currently being tested and will be ready for general availability soon.

Geometra for the web

We continue to develop Geometra every day, adding features, tweaking how things work, optimizing to get better speed and stability and crushing out bugs and flaws wherever we may find them. 2018 was an intense year in development and we made great progress on our journey to make Geometra the best application we can conceive of. We made several major releases during 2018 and we have no intention of slacking off now!

For 2019 we have a couple of highlights ready to share with you and first out is the release of a ‘Geometra Viewer’ version where you’ll be able to open up a Geometra project in the web and view all the details and information in that project without the ability to make changes (accidental or not). This will help us promote a more transparent and open communication from cost estimator to production management where both parties now should be able to view the same set of data in its original form.

The ‘Viewer’ will go into evaluation with a couple of selected companies at first to iron out details and how to best deploy it into a larger organization, as we go along, we’ll post more information on how the evaluation is going and when you’ll be able to expect it on market. Our current timetable suggests a market introduction in March/April.

The second thing we’d like to give a quick hint of is an integrated feature of ‘PDF Diff’ which will allow you to take two PDF files, we’ll work some magic on the back end, and you can compare any differences between these two documents in a view inside Geometra to track changes easier. This is still in very early development and we hope to be able to preview this further into the year.

And thirdly we’re committing extra resources this year to make a full upgrade of Geometra to ensure compatibility with a broader range of browsers and devices. We’ve heard from many of our users that they wish to work on their iPads and Android tablets, and we’ll be starting cross browser development later this year to ensure a wider range of compatible devices.

For the changes coming up in this latest update there are a few really good ones and some I think you’ve been waiting for so here we go!


Some typos and language improvements across the board.

Fixed a bug that caused the users preferred language to become invalid and cause errors when placing Scales.

Fixed a bug that didn’t properly log out a user when their license was activated from a different browser.

Fixed a bug that didn’t properly log out a user when the connection to the server was lost.

Added a ‘behind the scenes’ routines that handles events when a user disconnects from the server and tries to reconnect over several attempts during 30 seconds before forcible logging out the user.

Server side we’ve made upgrades to launch routines to better facility scaling of the back end and address connection issues. We’re working on more improvements and will be releasing them on a separate release cycle when they’re ready for live environments.

Removed the blue ‘News’ icon from the AppBar, latest news is now always linked on the Login page and this has become redundant.


Toggle the PDF

Added a new button to the AppBar allowing you to hide the entire PDF and expose the Annotation Rows to use the full height of the available display. We hope this will help you work with Annotation Rows easier and get a better overview of all Annotation Rows created for your project.

Enter formulas on Net. values

Added a new feature to allow for customization of Net values for Annotations, to use this feature click the underlined value in the Annotation Properties pane and enter the given formula. The value will be calculated as for Net: Area (NA) like the following the example:
NA [*1,5+1,89]


Set Angle

Added a new button for ‘Set Angle’ to Line, Area, Circle, Freehand and Reductions. This button will act a help feature to create a formula for each respective Net value. Using this feature will override any previously entered formula for that particular value.


Two scales on a PDF page

Added support for a ‘two scale’ mode on the Scale Tool. Using ALT you can now place a second scale which identifies as a Y-scale on the PDF. This will allow you to measure PDFs with two scales, one in X direction and one in Y direction. The Y-scale will default to a bright blue colour.


15-degree lock for Areas and Reductions

Added support to use the 15-degree angle lock function while placing Areas and Reductions. This works the same way as Line annotation 15-degree angle lock. When you’ve placed two points in an Area or Reduction press and hold CTRL to make the next point align in a 15-degree angle from the previous point.

Quantity now correctly accept decimal values so you can set something to exist for example 1,5 times.

Removed inheritance from Quantity (Q). This means that it will now always be set to 1 for all new annotations.

Removed the ‘Delete’ icon from the Annotation Properties for Reductions R1, R2 etc, this is no longer needed and now available via the AppBar standard Delete button.

Tweaked the height of the Annotation Rows to fully display 4 rows, up from roughly 2,7 rows earlier.

Fixed a bug where Freehand Annotation could end up being invalid and cause an application crash.