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Some users are experiencing performance issues. We’re performing rolling restarts of all services to address this. We expect none to minor service interruptions.

Full patch notes can be found here: https://t.co/YEJ6R26ZwD

We’ve just published a new version of Geometra. And for the first time, we’re going through patch notes (in Swedish) in video! https://t.co/CSm4IXKKhP

App Server upgrades have now been completed. We’re working on two more upgrades for today. Stay tuned! The next one is big! 😁

We’re in the process of upgrading and releasing new servers. We’ll be performing rolling restarts on services during this time. We’re grateful for your patience!

We’re currently investigating performance issues related to Geometra Web.

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2018-10 Comments, Images, Modifiers and more

2018-10 Comments, Images, Modifiers and more

This blog post is also available in swedish: 2018-10 Kommentarer, bilder, fler redigeringsmöjligheter och mycket mer

Good news everyone!

Comments are finally in! This has been a tough nut to crack but we’ve finally got something we can work with that we would like to bring to you. This is a big upgrade from how comments used to work back in Geometra 2 and we hope you’ll like it!

Once again I’d like to come back to how important your feedback is to us, in the days following the release of the Annotation Tree we got feedback that helped us identify issues which caused unwanted or unexpected behaviour. This allowed us to work out fixes which went live within a week of it’s release to alleviate and adress those concerns raised by our users.

This time around we’ve had a chance to focus more on suggestions and concerns raised via our feedback system and are introducing features, fixes and changes which adress no less than 15% of all of the tickets submitted.


UI has been tweaked across all views and improved to be better sized for smaller screens. We’ve gone through a ton of elements and components and resized them to better fit devices with smaller screens. We’ll keep working on tweaking the GUI as we go along, let us know if there’s something in the new compacted layout that doesn’t work for your or even if you just like it.

Background Image, as per requested via feedback, have been removed from all views except Login.

Improved the method of how languages are saved and restored. This should make selecting a language a more “sticky” and not require re-selecting after ending your session.


Fixed the link to our Privacy Policy and updated to the latest patch notes blog post.


The filtering of Your/All projects should now be stored and restored between sessions, allowing you to toggle it on or off depending on your preference. Let us know if this doesn’t work for you!


We’ve added a preview window for PDF-files for the Drive which allows you to view files before you open them in the estimate view. We hope this will help you pick the right file before you switch views and lower the amount of switching between Drive and Estimate views.

We’ve also reviewed the button available in the AppBar in certain select scenarios to better represent what action the user is able to take.

Fixed the folder icon background.


Toggling the filter for the Annotation Tree to display ‘All Annotations’ or ‘Only on this page’ will now be saved between sessions and switching PDFs or Views.

Toggling the Annotation Rows On/Off will now be saved between sessions and switching PDFs or Views.

Annotations: Opacity as an option have been added to all annotations. Changing the opacity will add transparacy to the background and this will be displayed both in-app but also when printing/download. Change in opacity will be displayed when you deselect Annotations in-app.

We’ve also reviewed the way text works on the PDF for our Display Values and removed any dependancies for the text size to the PDF and made it base off of the placed Annotation size instead.

Select Tool: Reintroducing the ability to add and remove points from Annotations have been high on our priority list and we’re happy to announce that they’re here! Our goal was to not add more buttons or tools to the AppBar for features like this so we decided that these belong on the Select Tool. By using ALT + CLICK along the line or side of your Annotation you can now add points to Lines, Areas and Reductions annotations. To remove points you use ALT + SHIFT + CLICK on a point to remove it from the Annotation.

Point Tool: You can now choose from a predefined set of icons to use instead of the square (it’s still there if you want to use that). These icons can be resized and colored to your preference. We’ve added 5 icons in this first update, trying to limit the amount of choices to not overload with options. If you feel these 5 are not enough options or representative enough, let us know and we’ll look into adding more.
You can also rotate these to match your preferred application of the icon.

Note: These Icons will display with 100% opacity when printed, despite infact having the correct opacity set, and viewed in other PDF software.

Line Tool: Lines can now be locked in 15 degree intervalls by holding CTRL while placing them. This means you can make exact lines betweens two points on the PDF. This will help you get those long distances in perfectly straight lines. We’ve added this as we believe it will be helpful when creating plans and spacing out Annotations.

Area and Reduction Tools: To be able to get those perfect squares we’ve added a modifier, CTRL, when placing the Annotation. This will make the Area or Reduction into a forced perfect square, use RIGHT CLICK when placing the second point to create the Annotation.

Area and Reductions now display the length for each side and the square meters covered instead of the diagonal length when placing a two point Annotation. If you add a second point it will revert back to displaying the length along the next placement.

Ellipsis Tool: In a similiar way to the Area/Reduction tool we’ve added CTRL as a modifier to allow you to place perfect circles on the PDF. This will be helpful when exactly trying to place Annotations representing for example cranes when planning your construction site.

Ellipsis’ now display the area instead of the circumference when being placed, we felt this to be a much more useful value to display.

Comment Tool: You can now add comments to the PDF in a comment box. CLICK or CLICK + DRAG a box where you wish the comment to appear, this can be resized and moved as you see fit after placement. Text is added on the Annotation Properties on the right-hand side and will update when you unfocus the textfield. Simply hit TAB or click next to the field on the Properties window to save the text. Choose appropriate font size, colour and opacity to suit your needs.

The reason this feature hasn’t been implemented sooner is due to a bug in PDF-engine. We’ve worked together with the developer of the PDF-engine to solve this and we now have a state in which it works to our liking.

Image Tool: We’re trying something completely new for Geometra by adding this tool to our kit. Use the Image Tool to insert any image you want onto the document. Add your logo, pictures from the construction site or use to make custom markups for the PDF. Select the tool, click on the PDF and you’ll be prompted to select and image to insert. Resize and place as you see fit.

Current limitation is ~200kb file size for added images. We’re working on removing this limitation.

Note: These Images will display with 100% opacity when printed, despite infact having the correct opacity set, and viewed in other PDF software.

Scale Tool: You can now RIGHT CLICK to place the second point for scale annotations.