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We should be up and running again! Sorry for the interruption, we’ll continue to monitor as people start coming online.

Were investigating connectivity issues to Geometra. We believe it’s nothing major and should up and running again very soon.

Our website service provider is currently experiencing network issues.

We’ve released the latest set of updates for Geometra web. Check our blog for more info:

Connection issues should now be fixed, if you’re still experiencing problems don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re investigating connection issues for Geometra Web.

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2018-09 Hotfixes Return of the tree

2018-09 Hotfixes Return of the tree

New features:

  • You can now change the height of all Annotation in a folder and all its subfolders by via the Annotation Properties. Please be observant when using this and double check your selection before changing. There’s currently no ‘Undo’ for this feature.
  • Expand/Collapse your current folder path has been added as a click toggle for the Expand/Collapse button available next to ‘Name’ in the Annotation Tree. Hold the ALT-key when clicking to only expand/collapse to only expand your current selection.


Bugfixes and corrections

  • When selecting an Area in the Annotation Tree the button for Reduction should now properly show up.
  • We’ve tweaked the display of the cursor when selecting and moving Annotations, it’s better but we still need do some more tweaking.
  • The correct path should now always be snow in the NavBar for where the next Annotation will be created, we’ve also disabled the button to avoid any confusion.
  • Group/Folder should now properly update when moving Annotations via the option on Annotation Properties.
  • Fixed an error which caused hovering over text in certain PDFs to clear the current Annotation selection.
  • Using the ‘Show All/Show Current Page’ filters should now properly display Annotations in the tree when switching pages.

2018-12-13: Idag kommer vår support att vara begränsad eftersom vi har utvecklingskonferens. Har du problem med att sätta ut skala/målestock? Gå till SUPPORTSIDAN! Today, our support will be limited due to our development conference.