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2018-01 A year in review

2018-01 A year in review

Released: 2018-01-10


Happy New Year everbody! We’re back from the holidays and some pent up vacation time with friends and family. And we wish you all the very best in starting off your new year.

2017 was an intense year for the development team, we launched the third generation of Geometra and it was a big swing and miss according to the intial user feedback, although technically it was a success. Did you know we won 100.000 SEK as an innovation grant from the Swedish government for our solution of rendering blueprints in the browser back in 2016 during development?

Fast forward about 6 months and we re-launched a massive rewrite of the application, development driven mainly by the feedback that was submitted by users. With the update that was publically available from the end of August user feedback changed considerably and we have for the past couple of month been able to continue down the development path we had initially set for this third generation of the product and the user feedback seems to suggest that we’ve learnt our lesson and are now providing more inline experience considering user expectations while keeping our overarcing goal of what we want Geometra to become in the future.

At the end of 2017 we struggled with some server issues mainly affecting the second generation of Geometras servers. This lasted for about two weeks where we had intermittent disruption and some downtime. In the start of December we performed massive upgrades to the plattform and has since had a much more stable experience and we’ve even seen speed increases in the application itself.

We’d like to take this time to point out a few highlights from the development teams standpoint that we hope you can appreciate:

  • The update in August which was a game changer for us, the rewrite of the application was a massive undertaking but has since provided us with numerous openings for functionality that we are looking to implement and improve upon.
  • Twitter updates directly from the dev team helps commmunicate server issues, this can be found at and can also be found under the wrench icon at the top right on


Last, but not least, statistics are always a bit of fun!
Under 2017 we’ve seen users generate an impressive amount of data, here are some numbers from the latest generation of Geometra.

Projects created: 6 249
Files uploaded: 28 434
Annotations placed: 246 660
Annotation rows calculated: 18 121

Only having had a few days to work before this post was scheduled we only had time to bring you a small set of updates for now.

// The Geometra Team



  • [Upgrade] Improved locales for Norwegian and English languages with typo corrections.



  • [Upgrade] When using the “Select All” function on the Annotation Table, Annotations placed in folders should now be correctly highlighted and quickly available for printing.
  • [Upgrade] When using the “Select All” function on the Annotation Table, Reductions on Areas should now be correctly highlighted and quickly available for printing.
  • [Upgrade] When selecing a folder, all items in that folder, including subfolders, should now be properly highlighted and quickly available for printing.
  • [Upgrade] FreeHand Annotations should now correctly render their opacity on load.
  • [Upgrade] Corrected display of decimal values where rounding occured and didn’t show the third decimal, e.g. 2.950 would display as 2.95.
  • [Upgrade] Hot keys should now work correctly when the Scale Annotation isn’t present on the current page.