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We’ll be restarting servers in roughly 30mins to deploy some fixes for performance. Minor interruptions might occur.

We’re experiencing connection issues currently. We’re working to solve them a.s.a.p.

We should be up and running again! Sorry for the interruption, we’ll continue to monitor as people start coming online.

Were investigating connectivity issues to Geometra. We believe it’s nothing major and should up and running again very soon.

Our website service provider is currently experiencing network issues.

We’ve released the latest set of updates for Geometra web. Check our blog for more info:

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2017-12 Update of Geometra

2017-12 Update of Geometra

Released: 2017-12-22


A couple of weeks ago we had a conference where we discussed all the feedback that has come in, company vision, mission and tasks at hand. The conference was a great inspiration for us on how to approach the next development cycle for Geometra. As we head into this new cycle we’re also adopting a new way of approaching the development issues that has arisen during the last few cycles and we think it will result in an overall better product for our users.

Since the last update we have also struggled a bit with server stability for Geometra 2. For this we can only apologize and reasure our users that we’ve been working tirelessly to remedy the problems. The problems mainly arose due to a harddrive failure in the storage network. The slow IO-times during the rebuild caused stuttering for our server. The solution to this was quite complicated and consisted of multiple factors working on the same piece of tech. The upgrades, which went live on 2017-12-02, seems to have solved the problems with stuttering and connectivity. We also took the opportunity implemented an improved backup during this maintenence window.

In last months post we talked about some features that we were working on and we’re happy to announce that some of them are now making it to the live version, along with a set of fixes and upgrades. See the details below for more information.

And last, but not least, the new site we’ve been working on is finally live, where you’re currently reading this blog post. We hope you like it, if you have any feedback about it, please don’t hesitate to send it to us!

As always, we aim to give you the best product we can envision and we’re really excited of what we will be able to bring you in 2018. We wish you all a happy a New Year!

// The Geometra Team



  • [Upgrade] Open, Open in new tab and delete should now be available at all times. Opening multiple projects in new tabs might require you to allow pop-ups in your browser to work properly.


DRIVE (previously named Files)

  • [Upgrade] Files have been renamed to Drive, this is simply a cosmetic update
  • [Upgrade] The functionality of Drive upload has finally been restored to normal! (This was hotfixed in on 2017-12-12, but client side upgrades required a full patch)



  • [New feature] You can now easily duplicate selected Annotations with a new short command: ‘Ctrl / Cmd + B’
  • [New feature] You can change the color of multiple Annotations, regardless of which type they are
  • [New feature] You can now see the number of selected Annotations in the value table on the right hand side
  • [New feature] Line, Area and Reduction now return how many points you’ve placed, useful to calculate corners f.ex.
  • [New feature] Area, Reduction and FreeHand Annotations now return total width and length (Dimension), used to calculate the outer bounds of the Annotation
  • [Upgrade] Base sizes for Points and Lines have been increased from values of 6-10, this should allow for better customization where needed.
  • [Upgrade] Base line when placing new Annotations have been increased in size, this should help aiming when not greatly zoomed in
  • [Upgrade] Values displayed on Annotations on the PDF have been changed to red color and font upgraded, this should clear things up a bit
  • [Upgrade] When placing reductions the live distance value is now shown properly
  • [Upgrade] A small adjustment to the settings for Points should keep them more in line with other settings
  • [Upgrade] Dialogs should now be more easily confirmed by providing autofocused ‘Confirm’ – just hit Enter on your keyboard
  • [Upgrade] Annotations will now accept the height to be set to ‘0’, returning 0 as value for three dimensional values
  • [Upgrade] Several new variables have been added for calculation, the following is a complete list of the now available:
    • [Area, Reduction, Circle, Freehand] Area (A) – m2/ft2
    • [Area] Net Area (NA) – m2/ft2
    • [Line, Area, Reduction, Circle, Freehand] Length (L) – m/ft
    • [Area] Net length (NL) – m/ft
    • [Area, Reduction, Circle, Freehand] Volume (VO) – m3/ft3
    • [Area] Net volume (NVO)  -m3/ft3
    • [Line, Area, Reduction, Circle, Freehand] Walls (V) – m2/ft2
    • [Area] Red. area (R) – m2/ft2
    • [Area] Red. length (RL) – m/ft
    • [Point, Line, Area, Reduction] Points (P) – st/pc
    • [Line, Area, Reduction, Circle, Freehand] Height (H) – m/ft