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2017-09 Update of Geometra

2017-09 Update of Geometra

Released: 2017-08-28


The past months we’ve worked hard on the feedback provided by users on the web client of Geometra and we believe we’ve made massive improvements in the right direction of where the application needs to be and pushing ourselves forward to ensure we supply our users with a great tool and great user experience.

This update has been a huge undertaking as we’ve reworked about 75% of the application code and implementations to optimize and improve functionality across the board for the takeoff and estimate experience. Big changes have also been made to the server platform and databases to accomodate. As always we’re greatly thankful for the mountains of feedback we’ve recieved and we hope our latest updates will bring us up to par with what our users are requesting and wishing for.

The patchnotes here try to list as much as possible that relevant for the user experience but there are many technical aspects of the servers and infrastructure not being listed here.

Please keep supplying us with your feedback, it’s very important and we are, and this cannot be said enough, extremely thankful for the feedback you supply us with. Keep an extra eye out for things marked (Feedback) as it’s something we’re extra interested in hearing your thoughts about. You can use the ‘Feedback Tool’ inside the application marked with a blue paper airplane in the top right to send your feedback straight to us.

We’re listening; What can we do to help?
// The Geometra Team



  • [New feature] (Feedback) A new PDF engine has been implemented.
  • [New feature] Rendering of PDFs has been reworked allowing for much faster file uploads.
  • [Upgrade] Language has been improved throughout the application, updates for all language packages.
  • [Upgrade] All previously created projects and work has been automatically upgraded to the new PDF-engine.
  • [Upgrades] High availability zoning and backup routines have been improved for servers and data.
  • [Bugfixes] Various bugfixes and small improvements throughtout the application.



  • [Upgrade] Buttons in the AppBar should now be more consistent with selections and filtering.



  • [Upgrade] Upload speed greatly increased across the board.
  • [Change] File preview has been temporarily disabled, will return in a future update.



  • [New feature] (Feedback) Annotations can now be resized and moved freely across the PDF.
  • [New feature] Select multiple Annotation by using ‘Ctrl + Click’ on the PDF.
  • [New feature] ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ are now available features for Annotations.
  • [New feature] (Feedback) ‘Download as PDF’ now allows you to save your Annotations in the PDF as a new file. These Annotations are now editable outside Geometra. NOTE: The downloaded document has no connection to data inside Geometra and cannot (at this time) be re-read into Geometra.
  • [New feature] Angles can now be calculated by using the formula /cos() e.g. A/cos(25) for a 25 degree angle on the area of a Annotation. This is done in the ‘Amount’ field of the calculation rows.
  • [New feature] Annotations can now be drawn on the PDF without requiring a scale to be set – this allows working with documents for markup. Annotations will not return any values if a scale is not set. A scale can be at any times and the Annotations will return their values.
  • [New feature] ‘Fit to Screen’ has been added as a command to the AppBar.
  • [New feature] You can now add and delete calculation rows from multiple Annotations at the same time.
  • [New feature] (Feedback) Calculation rows will now try and choose the appropriate unit to display for the entered value of ‘Amount’ e.g. ‘A’ will return m2 or ft2 depending on current unit system. ‘L’ = m/ft-inch-fractal, V = m2/ft2, ‘VO’ = m3/ft3, ‘S’ = st/pc. The first variable entered will determine the unit for the field.
  • [Upgrade] ‘Export to CSV’ has been renamed ‘Export to File (CSV)’ for clarification.
  • [Upgrade] (Feedback) Text displayed on Annotations has been reworked and greatly improved.
  • [Upgrade] (Feedback) Annotations will now display the next upcoming value while being drawn.
  • [Upgrade] (Feedback) Printing of a PDF with Annotations has been greatly improved.
  • [Upgrade] Annotations points will now be better represented and easier to align and tweak as needed. Adding/Removing points has been temporarily disabled and will return in a future update.
  • [Upgrade] Free hand drawings no longer list all individual variables for ‘L#’ and ‘V#’.
  • [Change] ‘Select’ can now be used without an additional keypress to create a ‘Select Box’, ‘Click + Drag’ will allow you to do easier Annotation selections.
  • [Change] Paning and moving the PDF is now done via ‘Move’-button in AppBar or by using ‘Scroll’ for vertical movement and ‘Shift + Scroll’ for horizontal movement – was previously only ‘Click + Drag’.
  • [Change] Zooming is now by using ‘Ctrl + Scroll’ – was previously only scroll.
  • [Change] Button for ‘Export to Excel’ has been removed, will return in a future update.