Tips & tricks: Tool tips & Short keys

Tips & tricks: Tool tips & Short keys

In this week’s video, we go back to the basics of Geometra and show you some simple short keys that makes life in Geometra easier. Just try using CTRL + scroll to zoom areas in the drawing, or ALT + Shift to add a measurement point where you missed one.

Short keys that makes life easier
– Hover the mouse over the function key to bring up the tooltips and short keys

– Hold down the ctrl key and scroll with the mouse to zoom.

Scroll up & down with the mouse to navigate the drawing. Hold down Shift and scroll to navigate right to left.

Edit annotation
– Add a point by holding down ALT and click to add the point.
– Delete point by holding down SHIFT + ALT and click on the point you want to delete.

Lock line
– Hold down SHIFT to lock line at 45 degrees.

Measure diagonally
– Measure diagonally for more accurate and faster take offs. Start in the upper left corner and set out the first point set out the next point diagonally down to the right and right-click with the mouse to complete the annontation.

We hope that these tips will give you a better experience when working in Geometra!

More tips and updates in our blog.

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