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We use to Twitter to quickly reach our users with vital information like server status changes or other information. Follow us on Twitter and enable notifications on our posts or check back here for updates.

We're currently looking into legacy service for Geometra Java outage. We'll post back as soon as it's available again.

Some users are experiencing performance issues. We’re performing rolling restarts of all services to address this. We expect none to minor service interruptions.

Full patch notes can be found here:

We’ve just published a new version of Geometra. And for the first time, we’re going through patch notes (in Swedish) in video!

App Server upgrades have now been completed. We’re working on two more upgrades for today. Stay tuned! The next one is big! 😁

We’re in the process of upgrading and releasing new servers. We’ll be performing rolling restarts on services during this time. We’re grateful for your patience!

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your personal integrity is very important to us at Geometra Software and we are responsible for your personal information that you have provided us with. As customer/tester/visitor to our services you should feel safe do we describe in this document, personal policy, how Geometra Software treats, store and handle your personal information.

Geometra Software is responsible for all information you leave when you have been in contact with us. We are treating your information in a safe way and are following GDPR. It could be through our web page, phone, e-mail, slack, or direct at a meeting, training, fair or in another way. It also includes if you visit one of our social media platforms. The personal information is information that can in its own or in combination identify you as a living natural person. This could be your name, e-mail address or phone number.


Our aim to handle your personal information is for us at Geometra Software to be able to fulfil our commitment to you as customer/tester/visitor this is also includes for you how are not yet a customer and want to be contacted by us. We are not treating sensitive personal information unless there is specific consent for handling these.


Your personal information is protected by Geometra Software through technical and organisational solutions.


Personal information that have been sent to Geometra Software without being asked for will be saved and stored according to current context e.g.  spontaneous job applications, support or contract inquires.


Geometra Software may, to be able to fulfil our support commitment and after agreement, remotely control your computer. Also, transfer of files may occur for support and demo purposes.


Cookies is saved on your computer to be able to give you a better personal experience on our home page and to for the web page to function in the most optimal way. Geometra Software is using third party cookies from e.g. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. The aim is to constantly develop our web page to give the visitors the best possible user experience. You can choose to block cookies in your web browser per your own preference.


Geometra Software is using direct marking activities to be able to give relevant suggestions and offers to you. We are following current ethical guidelines for direct marketing.


Geometra Software makes use of MailChimp for marketing purposes and contact information may be transferred to non EU/ESS servers. For more information on MailChimp’s Privacy Policy, please refer to their site.


We do not sell any customer information to third party.



Your Rights

If you reside or live in the European Union, you have the right under the General Data Protection Regulation, (EU) 2016/679, to request data and information from Geometra Software AB. If you reside outside of the European Union, you may have similar rights under your local laws.


If you wish to exercise your right to restriction of processing or your right to object to processing, contact Geometra Software AB at Geometra Software AB, Björnstjernegatan 1C, 271 39 Ystad, Sweden or by email at

Below you’ll find Person data treatments:

Personal data Why we are using the data Category of data Category of recorded Legal basis Storage time
Purchase of product or service through any of our channels/receivables Delivery of product or service Contact, address and billing information Customer Agreement Agreement period + 1 year
Test(demo) of product or service Follow up of test of product Contact information Potential customer Balancing of interest 1 year
Visit on home page Analysis and follow up Cookie, IP-address Home page visitor Balancing of interest 1 year
Registration to any payed or free services e.g. webinar, lectures, news letters Delivery of service Contact information Customers and potential customers Agreement Agreement period + 1 year
Direct marketing Offer of services and products Contact information Customers and potential customers Balancing of interest 3 years after agreement period
Job application to a specific vacancy Evaluate and choose right person for recruitment Contact information Job applicant Balancing of interest During the recruitment period + 1 year
Spontaneous job application Evaluate for a potential recruitment Contact information Job applicant Consent 1 year
Payable Purchase of service/product Billing information Supplier Agreement. Legal obligation 7 years
Customer contact and support Logging in system Customer and contact information Customer Agreement Agreement period + 3 years
Contact through phone/chat Documentation and fulfilment for re-contact, agreement Contact information All categories Balancing of interest + agreement 2 years
Contact through e-mail, social media Documentation and fulfilment for re-contact, agreement Contact information All categories Balancing of interest + agreement 5 years
Cloud storage of data For customers behalf store data All categories of personal information Customer Agreement Agreement + 6 montha
Program or service forum (i.e. FAQ) Support and self help Contact information Customers and potential customers Agreement + Balancing of interest Agreement + 3 years
Sign up for news letter Marketing Address information Customers and potential customers Agreement Agreement period + 60 days
Remote control of computer Support Information included in service or product Customers Agreement non