All generations, in one place

Find the latest version and our legacy versions right here. Newest version first and older versions further down the page.

Geometra 3, available in the browser


The latest generation of Geometra is now available through the browser, current requirement is Google Chrome v60 or higher.


You can download Google Chrome here:

Geometra PTR (Public Test Realm)


Try upcoming features in Geometra today. The Geometra PTR will allow you to access your live data and projects
and work on them with the latest features of Geometra available to try out.
This version is a work in progress and subject to change as we continue to develop
Geometra but it’s our way of being able to provide you with a window into Geometras future.


Please be aware that this is a version supplied as is, with no support and is being made available with our best intentions
of providing a working copy of the latest development snapshot deemed ready for public testing.


We’ve set up a separate channel internally for the PTR Feedback so please make heavy use of the
Feedback Tool in Geometra PTR to tell us everything from bugs,
typos and things that aren’t working, well basically anything you can think of.

Geometra 2, based on Java


Geometra 2, also called New Geometra, serves as an archive for those customers who want to access old projects created in that version.
If you’re still running the second generation you need to have Java installed to launch the application.


You can download the latest version of Java from Oracle:

eKalkyl (Geometra 1)


eKalkyl (Geometra 1) is a product version specfically for painting entrepreneurs in Sweden.
Running the first generation requires you to have Java installed to launch the application.


You can download the latest version of Java from Oracle:

These product are only available in Swedish!



Create a budget for your fixed costs and calculate your hourly rate.
Måleribudget is a free software that gives control over the company’s fixed costs. The software was initially developed for painting contractors but can be used by any company for control and overview of fixed costs.



Time reporting online, completely free!
Tidsedel is a software that enables your employees to report time on the web. The work flow is easy, your employees report per project. The time reports are signed and approved and then presented in a summary of the time worked. The summary is based on payroll.

AukFonst Web


We have developed a web-based program for window renovations.
You can draw your window, mark the arcs and sprinkle, and indicate what should be done . All window operations have a standard time and the program calculates time and price for all operations on windows and window doors.