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Introducing: Geometra Unlimited

Introducing: Geometra Unlimited

As always, we’re hard at work in our offices in Ystad trying to come up with more ways to improve our products, services and the construction industry in general. Albeit a small team we’re devoted to our main cause; change the construction industry for the better. 10 years ago, the first beta testing of Geometra started, and we’ve come a long way since. Looking forward, we still have so much more to give and to do.

Geometra is an amazing tool. Our users tell us this. It helps them improve their financial results, saves them countless hours of work and helps them bring order and structure to their projects.

What our users tells us matters, maybe more so than at other large companies crippled by their own size and bureaucracy, and we listen. We hear you, we evaluate everything and once ready, we respond and it’s time for a response.

Introducing: Geometra Unlimited

Geometra Unlimited allows organisations, regardless of size, to deploy large scale Geometra licensing with an unlimited number of users for a fixed price.
Organisations include:

  • Small/Medium sized businesses
  • Large sized businesses
  • Government owned businesses
  • Municipal, State, Region offices for infrastructure and construction

We’ve also made it possible via a version of Geometra Unlimited licensing for Trade Organisations to deploy one, 1, Geometra license to each of their member organisations. At a fixed price, regardless of number of members.

Deploying 30 or 3000 software licenses will no longer require painstakingly complicated software licensing calculators to know what it’ll cost your organisation.
Cost doesn’t scale with your organisation and users, you have full control of how much impact investing in Geometra Unlimited will have on your organisation allowing you to keep growing and improving without accumulating more licensing costs over time for Geometra.

It’s still Geometra, just so much more of it, for everyone!

For more info and offer contact:

Christoffer Schmidt
CCO Geometra Software AB[at]