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We use to Twitter to quickly reach our users with vital information like server status changes or other information. Follow us on Twitter and enable notifications on our posts or check back here for updates.

We’ll be restarting servers in roughly 30mins to deploy some fixes for performance. Minor interruptions might occur.

We’re experiencing connection issues currently. We’re working to solve them a.s.a.p.

We should be up and running again! Sorry for the interruption, we’ll continue to monitor as people start coming online.

Were investigating connectivity issues to Geometra. We believe it’s nothing major and should up and running again very soon.

Our website service provider is currently experiencing network issues.

We’ve released the latest set of updates for Geometra web. Check our blog for more info:

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Guide: Clear site data

Are you having trouble setting out the scale?

Are you having trouble setting out the scale in Geometra's web version? You need to clear site data in Google Chrome and you can easily do this!

When you are in the Geometra web version:


  1. Press F12 and select Application

2. Select Clear Storage


3. Push the button “Clear site data”


4. Reload the page and log in again!