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Guide Annotation tree

This is Annotation tree

Sort and structure your projcet in the annotation tree structure in Geometra. Create folders, search and filter annotations, and keep track of everything in your project, whether it's estimation object on the drawing in front of you or if they are in another file in your project. All in one place!

1. Checkboxes

Select the annotations created in the project in the annotation tree. The selected annotations in the tree are also highlitghted on the on the drawing. The selected object are also editable in the annotation settings.

2. Type

The type of the annotation are shown with the symbol in the Appbar 1.

3. Color

The color you gave your annotation is displayed in column number 3.

4. Tag / Number

In the fourth column, you will find the number / tag you gave your annotation.

5. Name and tree structure

The last column reads the annotation name. Here you also see gray links how different annotations are linked to each other, such as a reduction associated with their area annotation.

You can also follow the structure between folders, subfolders and annotations. You also see how many items are contained in a folder through the small number box.

Expand and minimize folders

By clicking the black arrow you expand folders.

Click the arrow again to minimize the folder again.

Select your annotations

You can select and mark your annotations in a few different ways. By clicking in the checkboxes in the left column you can select one or more annotations. You uncheck your annotations by either clicking outside the tree structure or by clicking somewhere on the drawing.

Instead of clicking in the checkboxes, you can use ctrl + mouse click to select multiple annotations and click on the name. If you want to mark a range of annotations, click on the first annotation in the team, hold down shift and click on the last annotation. Annotations will be highlighted when you release the shift button.


Select the annotations you want to move, for example, another folder, and drag n’ drop them where you want them to be placed.


Using the search foeld (in the top left of the gif image), you can easily navigate around and find annotations and folders in the tree structure. For example, you can search for a certain type of area, select matched annotations, and add estimation row to everyone with one entry.

Another nice feature when using the search field is that the annotations and folders that are not displayed will not be selectable, so you can easily search for a particular room type and then select all.

For example, if you want to get a quick report for a particular type of annotation, search for it in the search field, select all matched annotations, and take a look at the estimation rows or in the take off table. Geometra has now summarized all cost items for matched annotations and aggregated the metrics.