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We're currently looking into legacy service for Geometra Java outage. We'll post back as soon as it's available again.

Some users are experiencing performance issues. We’re performing rolling restarts of all services to address this. We expect none to minor service interruptions.

Full patch notes can be found here:

We’ve just published a new version of Geometra. And for the first time, we’re going through patch notes (in Swedish) in video!

App Server upgrades have now been completed. We’re working on two more upgrades for today. Stay tuned! The next one is big! 😁

We’re in the process of upgrading and releasing new servers. We’ll be performing rolling restarts on services during this time. We’re grateful for your patience!

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Discover a smarter way to do takeoffs

Geometra makes the every day work in the construction industry easier and change how we work in the industry as a whole.

Our goal; To provide the industry with an easy to use and powerful tool which empowers entrepreneurs and contractors of all sizes to reach their goals.


Amazing takeoffs

Geometra is built to help you manage your takeoffs as efficiently as possible. Wether you’re using it for tenders and bids or to estimate the amount of materials needed. It’s safe, quick and user friendly.


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Clear documentation for work

Clear documentation for work is a foundation for efficient projects. Tenders, work instructions, lists of materials and much more is created with a few clicks. It’s safe, quick and user friendly.


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On the web, In the cloud

Geometra is always available! No complicated installations, we’ll handle backups and you’re always running the latest version with the latest features. It’s available, dependable and updated.


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Time saving collaboration

With Geometra you’ll get more opportunities to collaborate efficiently. All of your projects files are stored in one location and information is always up to date. Efficient collaboration saves both time and money.


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