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We’re hard at work with the next update for Geometra. This is a big one and we think you’re going to love it! If you squint and zoom in, can you see the changes?… https://t.co/n85g2K3RaT

Updates are live for the first round this year! Check them out at: https://t.co/KmBZfkPfKs

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G1 + G2 = G3

G1 + G2 = G3

Did you know as a Geometra customer and user of Geometra 1 (“eKalkyl”) and Geometra 2 (“New Geometra”) also have access to our web based version; Geometra 3. The different product generations vary a bit in in workflow design for you as a user but they all have the same focus; to enable to you to easily do takeoff and estimations on your projects. Geometra 1 (valid for Sweden only), is mainly designed for swedish painting contractors, has features with a direct focus on compiling and gathering costs for your quote. Geometra 2 has a much more takeoff inspired focus where features primarily aim to help you compile various square meters, cubic meters and lengths etc to export to a secondary tool like Excel or similar.

Enter G3! By combining the estimate features that G1 is really great at with the takeoff tool set from G2 we’re now able to do both in the same application. G3 is that definitation an estimation tool.

Hang on, what are you saying and what does this mean for me?

From ”eKalkyl” to Geometra 3

Don’t worry, we have forgotten about you! The development of a fully featured estimation tool, including work costs and materials is in full effect. For now you can keep running “eKalkyl” and do you jobb as you’re used to and we’ll be presenting more information as we go along development and you’ll be notified as soon as you can start doing painting estimations in Geometra 3.

If you would like to check out Geometra 3 to get some heads up and maybe provide us with some feedback, contact us and we’ll get you sorted!

From ”Nya Geometra” to Geometra 3

If you’re a user of “New Geometra” you might think change a pain and having to “re-learn” is in the way of your daily workflow don’t worry! All projects you’ve made in “New Geometra” are unaffected by these changes and you’ll be able to go back and view them in the exact way that you’ve done them.  However! We do recommend you start familiarizing yourself with Geometra 3 as soon as possible, maybe give it a spin on your next project if you haven’t tried it yet?

The changes are as big as you first might think and we really want to show you the potential of Geometra 3.

Both “eKalkyl” and “New Geometra” will both eventually be terminated and closed for good. This will advertised in ample time and you will have plenty of time to prepare. 

We do recommend you get started on your next project in Geometra 3 and we’re here working the support to make sure you get it right.

So what is this really about, what are some of the major differences between the generations?


First up, the PDF-engine! A beast compared to the one in previous generations. This can mainly been seen when loading complex PDFs and zooming is greatly improved as well. Noticed it’s inside a browser?

Sorting in three dimensions

One of major advantages of Geometra 2 was the easy in which you could sort takeoffs in your project. We’ve taken this with us and expanded upon a bit in Geometra 3, adding a third dimension to sorting. In G3 you’re now able to sort in folders, numbered and name. By adding an additional dimension to the sorting you can now more easily manage larger and more complex projects by dividing them into project stages, building blocks etc. Numbers can be used for numbers, placements, tags or materials and names are commonly most used for naming. And as previously you can always set the color for your Annotation and get a visually represented overview.

Estimate rows

We’ve already talked about G3 being an “Estimation Tool” but there’s more to be said. Once you placed your Annotations you can start building your estimate more easily by using the Estimate Rows. Select multiple Annotations and adding rows to them is easy and by using the variables provided you can connect the rows to the actual Annotations and link the values.

This is very helpful if for example you need to adjust the scale of the PDF or make changes to your Annotations. Any linked values will automatically update if you’ve set up the rows with the variables.

Gather takeoffs and estimate rows in one project overview, use data from multiple PDFs at the same time and collaborate with colleagues over multiple PDFs. The need to complile data in a secondary application has been greatly reduced compared to previous generations. The option to export is still there but the real question is; do you really need too?

No installation or Java required

You heard us! Simply fire up Google Chrome and log onto Geometra 3 and get going. No more Java updates to manage. And since Geometra 3 is web based, all you need is a proper browser, Google Chrome is currently required (available across a wide range of operating systems and devices).

Circle, freehand and point tools have been added and improved upon

You can now do two new Annotation types which allows you to do proper circle measurements or using freehand a completely irregular shape. The point tool has been reworked a bit and now provides you more control of each individual point, simply add them into a folder if you wish to make fast multi-edits to them.


I almost forgot about “Drive”! G3 currently offers unlimited cloud storage for your projects. Upload your project files; images, documents, spreadsheets, pdfs etc. Sort them into folders and build your structure. From Drive you can quickly open a PDF to the Estimate view and get going.

Drive is automatically kept up to date and available for everyone with access to the project.

User first

We’ve worked hard on the user interface of Geometra 3. Designing an interface like this is tough as it needs to cater to both the product idea/vision and the users natural workflow. Our philosophy is that users need to be able to quickly grasp what it is they’re looking at and be able to use every aspect of our service. Through communication with our users we know G3 is a good step up in usability and users are able to get to work quickly and easily. We strive to provide a streamlined product with features that bring real value to you as a user.

What are you waiting for? Take a leap! You’ve got the access so it’s time to discover the advantages of Geometra 3!