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Fastec Sverige AB: Jimmy Ruljeff, Group manager estimation and purchase

Fastec Sverige AB: Jimmy Ruljeff, Group manager estimation and purchase

Fastec was established in 1978 and is a chain of local builders and a central support company with offices in both Skellefteå and Stockholm. Today, Fastec operates across all Sweden mainly through its members and their contracting group in the support company.

We currently have 10 member companies within the chain and specialize in total contracts in trade, sport facilities and industry segments. The headquarters are located in Skellefteå including the estimation group that calculate projects for all members around Sweden.

What was the reason that you chose Geometra?

We did choose Geometra mainly because of the ease and the time saved when we make the takeoffs

To what typ of projects do you use Geometra?

We use Geometra on basically all our construction projects. In the system we can share the information with all our member companies around the country together with very good traceability of our projects.

What is the biggest benefit of Geometra?

Besides that Geometra is user friendly, it’s also very easy to transfer cases and projects between colleagues. Geometra gives us the opportunity to present projects in a usefull way to our customers including color and text

Jimmy Ruljeff, Group manager estimation and purchase, Fastec Sverige AB