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Annotation rows

The basics of the Annotation rows

Once you have made your takeoffs, you can begin to build your estimation or specify your items. An area transforms in to floors, ceilings and walls etc.

In AppBar you can turn on and off the fields for quantities and annotation rows to get more space on the screen to your takeoffs.

Right click and select open image in new tab to see it in full size.

  • Mark the annotations you want to add calculations to
  • Part: For example, indicate floor, wall, ceiling etc
  • Work: Specify the type of work to be performed
  • Material: Specify your material
  • Amount: Use the abbreviations in the quantity field to link quantities to the amount field. A = Area, L = Lengt, V = Wall etc. The connection is great if you need to change the annotations or scale. If you make any changes, the quantities will automatically follow in the amount field.
  • Price: Enter price per unit in the amount field.
  • Total: Total price is counted

Add rows to multiple annotations simultaneously

If you have several rooms where you will do the same work, mark up the annotations you want to add calculations to. The annotations do not need to be on the same PDF, it is only to mark them in the annotation tree. Confirm yes to the question if you want to add rows to all selected annotations.


Fill in the information in the same way as if you were to add calculations to an annotation.

Right click and select open image in new tab to see it in full size.

Calculate in the amount field

You can add calculation formulas in the quantity field and combine them with values from the annotations. It’s just your imagination that sets the limits.

Right click and select open image in new tab to see it in full size.

In the example above we calculate meter studs for a wall with centre distance of 600mm (excluding games) according to Swedish Wood’s material estimates.


The formula we use is: (V*1,67)+H m


V = Wall area

1,67 = meter stud per square meter if the center distance is 600mm

H = Height of wall set in Geometra

m = The unit I want to display the value in. Once you have done your calculation, enter spaces and then type in your unit. You can write anything.