Amazing takeoffs

Takeoff is the most used feature of Geometra. You can quickly summarize lists of information you can trust.


You'll save loads of time and the connection between takeoffs and blueprints makes it easy to understand.


Fast and accurate

Simple to track and search

Geometra gives you amazing possibilties to track and search through your takeoffs. The connection between blueprint and takeoff makes it easy to understand.

Takeoff focused user interface

Geometra is primarily built to manage all types of takeoffs. In that area there are few who'll beat us. Try, you'll see what we mean.

Easy to learn and user centric

Few things annoy as much as unnecessary buttons and features. We've built Geometra to be easy to use and fast to work with.

Gather takeoffs from multiple blueprints

Unlike traditional pdf-viewers Geometra manages takeoffs from an unlimited amount of blueprints in your projects. Because most of the time you projects consist of more than a single PDF file.

Fast and accurate

If you do takeoffs by hand you'll love Geometra. It's built to think like you only a bit quicker. You'll do your takeoff with a few click. Don't worry, we'll save your work as you go along. Safe, fast and easy.

One takeoff, tons of information

A single takeoff in Geometra can provide you with close to limitless information. One takeoff can be used to simultaneously represent floor, ceiling, walls, frames or even plasterboards. Our Annotation Rows lets you decide the scope.


Got 500 apartments that look the same or are entire floors reoccurring through the project. Measure once, reuse freely - Geometra will sort the in between stuff.

Reference scale

Worried the given scale on the blueprint isn't right? Geometra make heavy use of reference measurements to make sure you get correct takeoffs. Place your two-point reference and we'll handle the reset.

We don’t want to be quite like the others. 

We want to make a difference.


We firmly believe Geometra change how we work in the construction industry.


Our goal; To provide the industry with an easy to use and powerful tool which empowers entrepreneurs and contractors of all sizes to reach their goals.


This is what we do and love. Who knows, maybe our passion will rub off on our users. We sure hope so!

Get started right now!

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We want you to experience Geometra to its fullest


We’ll help you get started


You’ve subscribed to Geometra to save time and it’s important you’ll get off the start block quickly. All web based support and training is included in the subscription.


Once you’re up and running we recommend you contact us again and set up a training session with us where we explore Geometras features and application areas more thoroughly. Our web based session are conducted both in groups and private session. Oh and they’re free!


Training on site?
If you want to come visit us for a training session or wish we’d come visit you?
Contact us for more information and pricing at or +46 411-23 66 90.


Help, from start to finish


We work hard to make sure our services meet your demands and run consistently. Sometimes things still might happen and some help on the way might be needed. We’re here for you, don’t hesitate to contact us


Visit our support site!


Feedback straight to the developers


Got a suggestion? Want for some particular feature? Use the built in feedback tool to communicate straight to our development team. A large of the feature set in Geometra has been developed due to user feedback.

Use company wide


Start with takeoffs


Geometra is a service that’s being actively developed and grows with you as a user.


With your experise and our knowledge there’s infite possibilities. But start small, that’s where the easiest benefits are. Explore your way forward, one step at a time.

1. Takeoff


This is where you’ll initially save the most time. Do your takeoffs straight on PDF-files, colour them and structure your takeoffs in a smart way.


2. Project structure


Next step is learning how to build a good project structure. With a good folder setup, clear naming scheme and active sorting you’ll save loads of time as the project progress further along. It’s not just about winning the bid, you’ll need to deliver as well.


3. Annotation Rows


When you’re comfortable with your takeoffs and how you structure your project it’s time to take a deep dive into our Annotation Rows. Wether you’re able to completly finish your estimate in Geometra or if you wish to export and continue elsewhere these rows will provide you with some serious advantages.