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We use to Twitter to quickly reach our users with vital information like server status changes or other information. Follow us on Twitter and enable notifications on our posts or check back here for updates.

We should be up and running again! Sorry for the interruption, we’ll continue to monitor as people start coming online.

Were investigating connectivity issues to Geometra. We believe it’s nothing major and should up and running again very soon.

Our website service provider is currently experiencing network issues.

We’ve released the latest set of updates for Geometra web. Check our blog for more info:

Connection issues should now be fixed, if you’re still experiencing problems don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re investigating connection issues for Geometra Web.

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Buy from a local agency

If you're not sure about buying straight off the web, try contacting one of our competent agencies and they will happily assist you.

TriMax a/s
Postboks 167
Bråteveien 200
2026 Skjetten

Tel: (+47) 64 83 19 20


About TriMax
Trimax as has been working with estimating products since 1994. Now in 2017 most of the customers from the early days are using the Geometra software. Tommy Brede startet working with SpeedyCalc in 1991 and Geometra since 2009.

We're always looking for potential agents to spread Geometra across the globe. Do you have a business proposal or interested in what becoming an agent for Geometra means?
easy start up

Geometra is very self explanatory and most users will be able to get going by themselves.

high yield commission

The commision is straight forward and easily calculated by agents.

short sales cycle

A short sale cycle supported by user friendly design of the service.

easy support

Supporting users is easily managed with help from the Geometra team.


Marco Skrinjar

Chief Executive Officer
Marco Skrinjar, CEO, is in charge of agency recruitment and agency policies and affairs. Please contact Marco for any further information about becoming or working as an agent for Geometra.
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2018-12-13: Idag kommer vår support att vara begränsad eftersom vi har utvecklingskonferens. Har du problem med att sätta ut skala/målestock? Gå till SUPPORTSIDAN! Today, our support will be limited due to our development conference.