2020-10 Performance improvements

2020-10 Performance improvements

This update aims to improve the user experience and performance in Geometra. Take a look at the video to get a feel for how the update affects you.

Update highlights


We have updated our pdf-viewer to improve speed and to prepare for new features in the future.

As we updated the pdf-viewer  we changed the function for locking annotations at fixed angles. The 15 degree steps are replaced by 45 degree steps.

Short keys
Shift is replaced by CTRL as a short key for perfect circle / square and to lock annotations at fixed angles.

Page scrolling
We have removed page scrolls in multi-page PDFs and replaced them with page browsers to increase the speed of the application. The single page makes file loading faster. The page browser also avoids measuring / plotting scale on the wrong page.

Server performance
We have significantly increased server resources to handle higher loads of user activity.


We hope that the improvements will give you a better experience when working in Geometra!

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