2019-12 Geometra is revising pricing and business models from 2020

2019-12 Geometra is revising pricing and business models from 2020

During 2019 we’ve been made aware that it’s hard to know how much Geometra costs, disadvantageous volume purchase and that tying the application price to the Euro has made it fluctuate too much.

Due to this we’re now making a number of changes to pricing, subscription models, business models and licenses. Remember to read all the way to the end, there’s quite a bit of news that we think you’re going to enjoy!


1. Geometra Standard

During 2019 we introduced a license we called ‘Viewer’ with a pricing of €9/mo. This will now be offered as a free of charge service and will henceforth be known as Geometra Standard. We want more people to have access to Geometra and the data that cost estimators are generating and we have therefor decided to introduce a free version of Geometra. This version comes with limited support.

* This currently does not apply to users of eKalkyl (Geometra 1)


2: Geometra Pro

The license previously only known as Geometra will be renamed to Geometra Pro. This is to make it stand apart more from the free version. We will also be removing quarterly based invoicing as a subscription model due to low demand. Current quarterly subscriptions will be automatically converted to a monthly subscription from Jan 1st, 2020.

We’re also removing the tie to the Euro as a currency for licenses and making it a set value for each respective market as follows:


3. Geometra Unlimited

A new model for volume purchase of licenses called Geometra Unlimited will be the alternative to use when making larger purchases of Geometra licenses. Unlimited enables purchase of an unlimited amount of Geometra Pro licenses to a set cost. All previous discounts will end from Jan 1st, 2020. To sign up for Geometra Unlimited for your organization please contact us at info@geometrasoftware.com


4. Geometra Business

During 2020 we will also be introducing something we call ‘Geometra Business’. With Business we will be able to offer extended support for all Geometra Standard licenses associated with your organization and also activate more overall features that makes life easier for entrepreneurs in the construction industry. More information about Geometra Business will be made available in the beginning of 2020.


5. The News, a preview into 2020


We’re hard at work getting full support for 3D/IFC in Geometra and here you can see how our solution is taking form.


Support for mobile/tablet (iOS and Android)

A highly requested development of Geometra has been full support for smartphones and tables and we’re happy to announce it’s on its way for real. Here’s a preview of the application and what it’ll look like.



Estimate, estimates and more estimates

The upgrade of eKalkyl is in full development and it’s getting close to finished. A new innovative way of looking at cost estimations is the goal. The development of the upgrade for eKalkyl has provided us with many insights and ideas and we’re expanding our goal to include more segments in the industry.


Flow – a whole new way of collaborating

To increase transparency and collaboration in projects has been an overarching goal for Geometra for a long time. This has now led to, among others, the introduction of a free version, Geometra Standard, and now also to Geometra Flow, which is also free, and with which we want to increase the possibilities of collaboration in projects even more.

To be able to send messages, add files, create threads and have conversations in projects through Geometra enables us to tie together cost estimation and production even better. Right information to the right people and the right point in time enables you to make well founded and fast decisions.


We at Geometra are really amping up for 2020 and we look forward to introducing all of these new features and improvements that we’ve been hard at work with for the past months.

If you have any questions, thoughts or you’re just more curious don’t hesitate to email us at info@geometrasoftware.com or contact support if you need any help.

Fredrik Sjöbeck, CEO
Geometra Software AB