2019-05 SnapOn, Sorting, Tours and much more

2019-05 SnapOn, Sorting, Tours and much more

We’re gonna go ahead and try something new for us; which is to open up our development process even more to our users and let you have more influence on which issues are being worked on and give you the opportunity to help us develop Geometra to become an even better service.





Starting from this release all users will be presented a first time run on their computer with a quick step by step tour of Geometra. These will be displayed once, are skippable if you’re already familiar with Geometra and can be reset from the new Support Centre.



We’ve also added a News Tour which will allow us to highlight changes and features for each update we make, these are valid for the current version and will be displayed after an update has been deployed. These are also skippable and can be reset from the Support Centre.



Support Center



We’ve rebuilt the entire support section of the app and now present all support related features in one convenient place under the blue lifebuoy icon in the top right of the AppBar.

Support Center now contains links to E-learnings, documentation, course bookings, change your password and much more.

Password dialog now correctly includes 0-9 as a requirement for passwords.


Browser Tabs

Browser tabs will now display project number and project name to make it easier to work with multiple projects at the same time in multiple tabs.


Bottom Navigation

Updated Bottom Navigation to better indicate which is the currently active view and added descriptive text to each view.




Fixed a warning caused by use of a deprecated method. Should not affect the user.




Annotation Tools


Added a new toggleable tool; SnapOn. This will allow you to snap your placement of Annotation to the nearest point/object in the PDF. A guide line will show you where the point will be placed upon clicking. You can toggle this on and off with the hotkey: CTRL + G



Added an Undo feature allowing you to remove the last placed point in an annotation. Hotkey at: CTRL + Z


Pressing ESC now reverts back to the ‘Select/Edit’ tool. Note: if you’re placing an annotation ESC will cancel your current placement and not switch tool, press again to go back to ‘Select/Edit’.

Changed cursor behaviour so a clickable hand cursor will be displayed when hovering selectable annotations, an arrow when nothing selectable under the cursor and a move cursor when hovering over a selected annotation.


Annotation Tree


Added several (15) new sorting modes which lets you customise the order in which you want the Annotation Tree to sort your Annotations. Choose from the new dropdown menu that’s at the top of the tree to select your preferred sorting method.





Better icon representation of status for various Annotations and states.
Area annotations with reductions no longer display a folder icon but instead the empty document icon.

Annotations with Annotation Rows on them will now display a document with green lines on it to better show where rows have been inserted.

X and Y scale representation have been made clearer with new icons.

General tweaking to the look and feel of the Annotation Tree to make it more clear and more compact to allow for more information to be displayed. Visible character are up to ~20-22 from previous ~15. This should reduce the amount of horizontal scrolling needed to view the complete names.



We also improved the way the alphanumeric sorting works in the Annotation Tree, you should now correctly see 8, 9, 10, 11 instead of previously 1, 10, 11, 2, 3

Search now correctly identifies Nr/Tag alongside Name, however Nr/Tag will not be highlighted.

Pressing ‘Space’ will now correctly Select/Deselect the focused Annotation and update the GUI accordingly.

Slightly increased the size of the select boxes in the Annotation Tree to make them easier to hit when clicking.


Annotation Rows


Added a new input field which allows you to insert a complete row from one field using a separator. This field will also allow you to AutoComplete entire rows from your current project. We also added a button for adding a new row to not have to move from mouse to keyboard as much when selecting from the AutoComplete list.

Start typing to search for rows in your project. Use | (Win: Alt Gr + <) (Mac: Option/Alt Gr + 7) to separate columns from the input field.



Input field order is:
Example input: Roof|Paiting|Paint|na|169



Added AutoComplete to Segment, Action, Material and Price/Unit, these will learn from your previous inputs in that specific project and greatly reduce the amount of typing required.
Added sortable modes for all columns in the Annotation Rows, click the column header to sort them Ascending or Descending.

Moved row input and total sum fields to the top of the table and made them float at the top of the table even while scrolling down.


Annotation Properties


Added support for intelligent Nr/Tag updating and inheritance. Annotations will now start at 001 and increase automatically to 002. If you change the number to 101A next will automatically be 101B. Some more examples:

  • 009 -> 010
  • A -> B
  • Z -> AA
  • AZ -> BA


Table sizing has been adjusted to better display the available variables and texts.

The following fields now blur when pressing ‘Return’, allowing you to resume using hotkeys without affecting input:

  • Nr/Tag
  • Name
  • Height
  • Quantity

Images now have a new property for maintaining aspect ratio when resizing. This will default to Yes for all new images inserted.

More options has been added to the Display Values dropdown, all Net can now be show on the Annotation on the PDF.





The dialog for Set Angles will now automatically focus on the input field when opened to allow for easier editing.

The dialog for Set Tiles will now automatically focus on the first input field when opened to allow for easier editing.

Fixed missing translations for Annotation types in the Delete Annotations dialog.


PDF Viewer


The PDF engine has been heavily updated in both performance and stability.

Added dropdown menu for easier navigation between PDF files meny har lagts till i Beräkningsvyn för att växla mellan filer i projektet utan att behöva gå via Driven, detta snabbar upp arbetsflödet i projekt som består av flera filer.

You can now jump to a specific page by clicking the page indicator at the bottom left of the PDF and entering the desired page number.




The Control Points for Annotations have been changed to be clearer and a little more prominent to help with visibility