2019-03 Try upcoming features in Geometra today!

2019-03 Try upcoming features in Geometra today!

We’re gonna go ahead and try something new for us; which is to open up our development process even more to our users and let you have more influence on which issues are being worked on and give you the opportunity to help us develop Geometra to become an even better service.

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Introducing the Geometra PTR (Public Test Realm)

The Geometra PTR is something we’ve discussed internally for a while and we’re excited to see which response we’ll receive from users who want to try out all the new features ahead of everyone else and in the process help us improve Geometra.

The Geometra PTR will allow you to access your live data and projects and work on them with the latest features of Geometra available to try out. This version is a work in progress and subject to change as we continue to develop Geometra but it’s our way of being able to provide you with a window into Geometras future.

Please be aware that this is a version supplied as is, with no support and is being made available with our best intentions of providing a working copy of the latest development snapshot deemed ready for public testing.

We’ve set up a separate channel internally for the PTR Feedback so please make heavy use of the Feedback Tool in Geometra PTR to tell us everything from bugs, typos and things that aren’t working, well basically anything you can think of.


You will access Geoemtra PTR at https://dev.geometrasoftware.com

Log in with your regular login details!


Some features that you can test in Geometra PTR today are:

  • SnapOn
  • Quick start tours
  • Undo
  • Sorting options in the annotation tree
  • Autocomplete and faster annotation row input (we think you will like this one!)