2018-12 Winter is coming

2018-12 Winter is coming

Det här blogginlägget finns också att läsa på svenska: 2018-12 Helgerna är i antågande


December… sometimes time really does fly. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago when I was sitting here at the office sweating with 30 degrees outside and now, I look out to find frosted windows and -5 degrees.

2018 has been a fun year, through all the ups and downs that a year brings this might’ve been one of the best years this company has had. We started in a rough spot with reorganisation and heavy hearts after -17 but have since recuperated and now find ourselves in a new and better place. Quite literally a new place too, we’ve just completed our move to new facilities and are starting to settle in.

As we’re all finishing up our work for this year, we find ourselves looking forward to next year, we have so much to do and so much we want to show you!

Whether you’re stuck at work all through the holidays, away skiing or vacationing elsewhere we’d just want to take a minute and say: Thank you!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your everyday work life. We wish you happy holidays. We’ll back after New Years on the 7th of January in full capacity.

(Support as always, is here to help you when you need it.)


Tiles, texts and tweaks

We’re rapidly closing in on the end of the year and though it’s not been that long ago since our last update we’ve managed to ship just a little more this side of New Years.

In this release we’re reintroducing a popular request; Tiles. You can read more about how to use them further down this post.

We’ve also been busy digging into how to provide our users with more training and education for the next year and have made a plan for this for 2019. The first step is a course for Swedish painting entrepreneurs on Feb 5:th in Ystad, Sweden. More dates for other courses will be published soon. If you want to make sure you’re notified do sign up to our newsletter (it’s available at the bottom of the page) to make sure you stay in the loop.

We will be starting to close down Geometra 2 for Java properly during the first half of 2019 so now is a good time to get onboard with the training program for Geometra on the web. If you haven’t made the switch yet and need some help to get going keep a lookout for courses that will pop up in the coming months. We have a number of training sessions for Geometra on the web that will be released soon.


[General] Localisation improvements overall

We’ve gone through every bit of text used in Geometra and upgraded to a new model for localisation. This also includes adding helpful tips, hotkeys and information to various parts of the GUI to help you find that shortcut or figure out how to use certain things.
Where possible we’ve added extra information to tooltips and tips on how to use certain features of the application.

This also means we’ve removed the US/UK based localisations and replaced them with one English instead.

If you find anything like typos, a weird wording or things that could be improved with these new texts, please feel free to let us know!

[Drive] Various bugfixes

Fixed a bug where clearing the name field of a file or folder would cause the app to crash and not render the File information properly.


[Estimate] User Interface for QHD and Ultrawide

Times are a movin’ to screens with higher and higher resolutions and we’re receiving feedback that some of our users are moving onto screens with much higher resolutions and different formats. We’ll be trying to change up the user interface a bit with this release to better accommodate for these new usage scenarios. The first update will be that on devices larger than FullHD (1920×1080 resolution) the Annotation Properties pane will automatically move the left side of the PDF. This means that if you’re running for example a 16:9 1440p or even a UltraWide (21:9) 1440p monitor you should now see the Annotation Pane right next to the Annotation Tree. This is related to how big you make the browser window where you run Geometra.


We’re introducing this change to help reduce the amount of eye movement required to read relevant information while you work. Let us know what you think!


Smaller resolution example:


Large resolution example:


[Estimate] Colour palette additions and slight movement

We’ve added 18 new colours to the colour palette to choose from and we also moved it out of the way from the Annotation Properties pane, so it doesn’t cover up the information that’s there. Most prominently we’ve tried adding a more neon tone to our palette. We hope these new additions will be of use to you as you colour your way to a better construction project!



[Estimate] Toggle Annotation Properties

We’re sure you’ve noticed it too, the small jump the PDF sometimes makes when you’re selecting something, and the Annotation Properties window is displayed. We’ve changed this behaviour to let you decide more how you want your workspace to look. Coming in the update is a new option that lets you toggle the Annotation Properties pane on and off completely. You’ll find the toggle switch in the AppBar.



[Estimate] Tiles

So, making its way into Geometra is the much-requested feature of Tiles. This will be available for the following annotations:

  • Area
  • Circle
  • Freehand
  • Reduction


Tiles lets you add a way to mathematically calculate how tiles, joint length and joint volume for a specified area. It takes in 5 values to make this calculation and respects any Reductions you may have made for the Area Annotation.

Look for the new button available in the Annotation Properties pane



Fill out the fields in the dialog that pops up, note that these values are entered in centimeters (CM). If you’re calculating roofing tiles you can just as well enter a negative joint width to have the tiles overlap.



Your formula will be displayed on the button itself and it’ll turn green when there’s tiles placed on the annotation.



Look for the new values in the Annotation Properties table, there’s three new variables for you to use in your rows too: Tiles = T, Joint length = SL and Joint volume = SVO



[Estimate] Exports upgraded with additional fields

Exports have been upgraded and will now export some additional values when used.

Tiles, Tiles formula, Joint length, Joint volume and File name are now available for some exports. The table below will show you where the new values appear.

[Estimate] Various bugfixes

Fixed a bug where points from reductions wasn’t being forwarded properly to multi-selects.
Fixed a bug where Point annotations didn’t print texts properly when using Icons.
Fixed a bug where a newly created Reduction wouldn’t display its values properly when moved to a folder after creation.