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Some users are experiencing performance issues. We’re performing rolling restarts of all services to address this. We expect none to minor service interruptions.

Full patch notes can be found here: https://t.co/YEJ6R26ZwD

We’ve just published a new version of Geometra. And for the first time, we’re going through patch notes (in Swedish) in video! https://t.co/CSm4IXKKhP

App Server upgrades have now been completed. We’re working on two more upgrades for today. Stay tuned! The next one is big! 😁

We’re in the process of upgrading and releasing new servers. We’ll be performing rolling restarts on services during this time. We’re grateful for your patience!

We’re currently investigating performance issues related to Geometra Web.

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2018-11 Starting to round up the year

2018-11 Starting to round up the year

Det här blogginlägget finns också att läsa på svenska: https://www.geometrasoftware.com/language/sv/release-201811-vi-borjar-att-summera-aret/

It’s a been an eventful autumn for Geometra, with a large update for our website, several releases to our application and the start of our move to new offices.

For the November release we’re focusing a bit more on some tweaks and minor feature additions. As we go along trying to clean up the feedback and add the features or solutions to problems that users have suggested. Some of these have been long awaited and some might open up new ways to use Geometra. Quality of Life improvements (QoL) is just as important to us as feature development and design so for now we offer you the following updates.


  • Change password
  • Extended preview functionality
  • Custom units


As we’re starting to round up our year of development we can happily announce that we’ll be bringing at least one more feature to Geometra this year, quite possibly within a week or two. The Tiles feature which will allow you to calculate tiles and seam length/volumes for your area values on Area, Reduction, Circle and Freehand.

[General] You can now change your password (finally!)

Sorry this took so long, but it’s in now! You’ll find it under the new blue key button in the top right of the AppBar.

[Drive] Open to current page in Estimate

Estimate view will now open to current page from preview on Drive meaning you no longer have to find that page again from the Drive.

[Drive] Drive preview now displays all annotations

You’ll now be able to see all the annotations you’ve created on the preview in Drive before choosing which file to open. This will help you gauge how far along in your work you’ve gotten and where to pick up next.

[Estimate] New icon representing Scales

We’ve changed the icon representing scales to clear up some confusion some users had mixing scales with lines. We hope this’ll help differentiating between them more easily.

[Estimate] Dim X and Y as variables

Dim X (DX) and Dim Y (DY) are now available as variables to use for the Annotation Rows.

[Estimate] Units in ‘Amount’ can now be overriden

Units can now be overriden with text in Amount fields. First part will evaluate as formula, second interpreted as unit. Anything after the second part will be ignored.

Area = 12,5 m2
A = 12,5 m2
A st = 12,5 st
A elephants = 12,5 elephants

[Estimate] Fixed a bug where invalid data entry for height caused values to not be displayed