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2018-05 Why this technology?

2018-05 Why this technology?

This post is also available in Swedish: 2018-05 Varför den här tekniken?

Thematically ”Why” is a tricky thing to work with, there’s just so many “Why’s” you want to answer but I’ve got to pick one, well maybe two or three, but still pick something for this month and I’ve gone the technological route, as you might know by now, I’m the Chief Technical Officer at Geometra.

Most software companies out there will probably tell you that they develop their products and services using the latest technology, the safest approach and industry standards for blah blah and yada yada. Techie stuff can get quite boring for a non-techie and mostly consist of various forms of acronyms as if developers were part of a secret club… Speaking of; I need to work on my secret handshake for the next developer meeting, otherwise Niklas probably won’t let me in, hmm…

At Geometra we’re technologically not that different, we’re using the same industry level standards and protocols as most other services out there and for good reason, it’s highly regulated, verifiable, well documented and often probed for security flaws. This all benefits our development process and our users.

So, where’s the “Why” in this for me as a user you might ask?

Knowledge is a powerful tool, applied properly it’s a force to be reckoned with. Applying knowledge, or in our case the proper technologies, at the right time and place is key to creating a service that works like Geometra does. There are many Why’s, if you want to discuss them feel free to give me a call or drop me an email, you’ll find my contact info on our About page.

Real-time collaboration

I hear this topic being discussed from time to time and I think we need to establish something once and for all. This has been fundamental to Geometra for over 6 years, when we launched the second generation of our service over 6 years ago this was a key element that has been built in and always-on since the launch. The concept of real-time seems to vary greatly though. Software providers seems to suggest some of these cases as being real-time but they’re in fact not:

  • Data being updated in the background but requiring a reload/reopen to populate and display = Broken data flow or bad choice of asynchronous updating
  • Checking out documents for edit and review, then checking back in = Managed updates, traditional version control systems like Git/Mercurial or another VCS
  • Batch updating every X min = Cyclical updates does not mean real time, banks are likely to tell you their systems are real-time but it’s normal batch updates
  • Changes propagated to all relevant listeners as they happen, like Geometra instantly displaying an Annotation made by another user = Actual real-time updating / Streaming


Why choose Geometra from a technical standpoint?

Being the most high-tech service isn’t always the most preferable, meaning that while the technological level of a service is important the way that service leverages technology is a much more interesting aspect. With Geometra we’ve designed a service that is scalable both organisation wise and server wise. Scalability in design is often an underrated factor when evaluating services.

Everything in our service has been carefully thought through and we often ask ourselves Why; Why do we need another button? Why do we still need this feature? Why would our users use the application in this particular way? There’s so many questions, and as I said at the start I’ve got to pick one, so here goes:

The biggest of “Why”s

The biggest Why I can think of asking is simply; Why is Geometra designed, structured and built the way it is? Well there’s a good reason, well a great reason really, but it has to do with how we transfer knowledge, maintain knowledge and keep evolving our knowledge. We see our users as experts in their field, they’re the ones doing the work and we’re providing them with a service to facilitate that process. Which is why our new slogan; Your expertise. Our knowledge. is so damn good.
Our goal is to make sure your expertise doesn’t need to leave your organisation. Geometras process, The Geometra Way if you will, is built on the idea that the user, that’s you by the way, should be in control of your part in the process. By providing a simple, easy to use powerful tool we reduce the need for you, the user, to leverage external providers for your estimation work which means you’ve got better control of your quotes and the goal, which we all want, is to be able to present a quote to the customer that is:

  • Relevant – everything asked for is included
  • Correctly calculated – no loose ends or uncertainties
  • Priced competitively – your market, your basis
  • Profitable – businesses are driven by money, it’s a simple thing


The Geometra Way

We’re always working on the next thing, it’s in our nature and the idea of “The Geometra Way” is no different. We’re polling everything we can think of into this idea and it’s starting to shape up as quite a contender for traditional thinking in the construction industry. Marco touched on this last week in his post: Let’s talk: Why and the discussions we’ve had.

Being a huge Formula One fan, I often envision Geometra working like a racing team out of the F1 pits. Geometra, the people here, build the car and you, the user, bring that car to life on the track. Translated this means, we’re providing our knowledge in the form of a service and you’re the pilot, the driver, the expert of your field bringing that service to life in the real world.

Your Expertise. Our Knowledge.

//Fredrik Sjöbeck, CTO & Founder of Geometra