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2018-04 Transparency, as a Service?

2018-04 Transparency, as a Service?

Released: 2018-04-09

This post is also available in Swedish: 2018-04 Transparens, som en tjänst?

April for us is transparency month, and NordBygg 2018 of course (booth C01:28), but blog wise it’s transparency as a theme. Transparency is scary, and quite frankly, not many know how to achieve it in their everyday life. But I’d like to talk about transparency in a slightly different way than Marco did last week. Where he talked about personal and organisational transparency I’d like to talk about the way we provide our users with transparency through our way of pushing Geometra, as a Service, forward to mean just that, a Service. If you haven’t read Marco’s blog from last week I recommend you do so right here: https://www.geometrasoftware.com/en/lets-talk-transparency/ If you’re here for the patch notes, they’re at the bottom as usual.

We had an interesting discussion the other day about what Geometra really is, is it a product or a service? After having debated this back and forth comparing ourselves to both product software companies and service software companies we concluded that indeed we are, as we’ve always stated, a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider.

Now if you’re curious as to what kind of services we provide I’m happy to tell you (yeah, I went there…), and why this is so important for you as a user. While you might think of Geometra (the web app) as a simple software product it’s quite a good kit more than that and here’s why:

Your expertise => Our knowledge
What we mean by this is that every time you give us a call, send us an email or make use of the feedback feature we gather and increase our knowledge. By sharing your expertise with us be it suggestions of improvements, feedback that something isn’t working as you expected, not finding the correct way of working with our app or even contacting support to get help with a problem you provide us with valuable insights into what users expect from us and how your different workflows work with our services.

Traditional Software as a Service services
We don’t see ourselves as a traditional SaaS supplier, what we strive to deliver is quite a bit more than just:

  • Deployment
  • Hosting
  • Scalability
  • Minor administration
  • Backups & Security

Alongside these, albeit very important parts, we act as a speaking partner in your everyday estimation work. Our knowledge of the construction industry helps us support our users in ways that go outside the scope of our apps. Coming from an entrepreneurial background ourselves we’ve set the tone to be quite a bit different. As an example, we love speaking to you about how you’re planning your estimate, why you’re choosing a certain way of doing things and providing you with our knowledge of how things might be done. As our knowledge increases so does the benefit of having Geometra among your suppliers, when we get better you automatically gain access to our knowledge, be it via support or development.

Developing for a transparent organisation
Geometra is built on the idea that information is good, correct information is great and correct information at the right time is brilliant*. The Geometra workflow is an idea that promotes this concept and it’s two-fold.

  • First, we use technology and innovation to build an application that allows users to generate accurate information for their projects.
  • Second, by leveraging the scalability of the technology behind Geometra we can then distribute all that information to the correct people at the appropriate time.

Both premises create a base concept of promoting transparency for any organisation that uses Geometra for their projects.

I believe Christoffer will be talking more about this in next week’s post and I’ll leave some of the fun details on how to accomplish this with Geometra for him to flesh out for you 😊

Hans Rosling, Factfulness and data
As a final note; Data is incredible! It can provide us with much needed insights and raise our awareness of the world around us if used properly. The late Hans Rosling’s last book, Factfulness, was released on April 3rd 2018. I haven’t read it myself yet, it’s ordered and on its way, but seeing what Rosling did with GapMinder and his presentations at TED I’m sure it’s going to be something quite extraordinary.
Hans Rosling at TED here: https://www.ted.com/speakers/hans_rosling
GapMinder: https://www.gapminder.org/


Factfulness @ Adlibris
Factfulness @ Amazon

* NOTE: All data is as good and useful as it’s input… Crap in means crap out. If you’re meticulous with data in you will be able to generate amazing data out.

The updates for this month’s release aren’t many, but boy do we have a big one rolling out for you!


  • [Upgrade] The login page will no longer automatically reload when an error occurs, displaying the error properly.
  • [Upgrade] Localisation has been updated for all languages, some languages now carry temporary values in a similar language where translation work hasn’t been completed. This means we can release updates to features and functionality separately from the localisation packages. Localisation will be receiving an overhaul soon. Whish to help us localise Geometra for your/another language? Get in touch with us!



  • [Upgrade] The folder icon has been replaced with a shut folder icon for clarity.



  • [Feature] Massive overhaul of exports are in this release. We’ve rebuilt everything from the ground up to give us more ways to work with exporting data. Customization is currently not on the radar as we wish to provide users with a preconfigured export sets to work from. We’re really excited to bring this out and hope you’ll enjoy these new ways of exporting your project data! New exports are:
    • Folder export [Everything]
    • Annotation [Selection]
    • Annotation (Net) [Selection]
    • Annotation without folder path (Net) [Selection]
    • Annotation Rows [Selection]
    • Annotation Rows (Sum) [Selection]
    • Annotation Rows (Sum per folder) [Everything]
    • BidCon Export [Everything]
  • [Feature] BidCon Export is here! Together with Elecosoft (BidCon) we’ve collaborated and created a preconfigured export allowing you to import data straight into BidCon and match of certain columns. The Unit/Enhet field is automatic and adds itself to the export where applicable. Use the following fields in Geometra to match with BidCon fields:
    • Nr/Tag = Produktionsdel
    • Name = Kalkyldel
    • Del = Benämning
    • Amount = Mängd
    • Enhet
    • Price/unit = Á-pris/enh
  • [Upgrade] Added Q as a variable to use the Number of in formulas.
  • [Upgrade] Folder have been renamed Folder/Group to better represent use cases.
  • [Upgrade] Number has been renamed to Nr/Tag to better represent use cases.
  • [Upgrade] The folder icon has been replaced with a shut folder icon for clarity.
  • [Upgrade] Rearranged the data table for Annotation Properties to now display values in a more consistent order and match exported data better.
  • [Upgrade] Using Number of will now also multiply the amount of points (P) to be used for formulas for Line, Area, Circle, Freehand and Reduction.
  • [Upgrade] The delete hotkey should no longer produce double dialog prompts.
  • [Upgrade] Fixed a bug where the height was sometimes returned as a string instead of a number when exporting.