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2018-03 What’s in store for the future?

2018-03 What’s in store for the future?

Released: 2018-03-14

This post is also available in Swedish: 2018-03 Vad för framtiden med sig?

Development for Geometra 3 is coming along nicely and we’re continuously seeing progress being made towards our main goal; which is to complete the full merging of G1 and G2 into the third generation. I have been asked by Marco, in the light of the previous weeks post, to expand a bit more on our own development goals and what I see in the future for the development team. Read on for more info or jump to the patch notes.

Internally we’ve removed time as a factor in our planning for a very simple reason; time adds a too large factor that affects us negatively in quality, which we’ve seen in previous releases where we’ve been rushing to push updates and features that have lacked in quality once they hit our user base. This stress factor is something we’ve discussed a lot and decided to remove and instead focus on providing solid functionality and release things when they’re ready and done. Looking at the development road map from the SMART perspective is tricky when you remove “Time-bound”, the T of SMART, as we’ve done. (Marcos blog post: Let’s talk: Setting goals) This doesn’t mean we don’t have an idea of when we want things to be ready to go, it’s more a case of not releasing things which we deem not ready for public release. We still have to option to flag a feature with “Early Release” to make sure we get it out there, with an advertised state of still needing some work but functional enough to start being used. This is something that helps us gather feedback and find out the final tweaks to a feature that’s needed to get it right. All in all this seems to be working very well for us!

With this new premise we’ve managed to reduce stress for the development team while massively increasing our productivity and our own perception of quality has increased greatly. So now that we’re pushing forward in a decent pace, what can you expect in the future from the dev team?

The following list are features and upgrades planned in a somewhat chronological order based on development effort and impact on user experience and functionality, we’ve divided it into four phases. After we’ve completed these four phases we will go back to the drawing table and continue to draw up new plans for Geometra, also meaning we won’t be pushing updates as hard to users as we currently are. We have a couple of ideas already at that we’re exploring but first things first, here’s the list of what’s confirmed to be coming:

Phase 1:

  • Comments – These are done to 99.9%, we just need to fix a couple of small bugs
  • Export optimizations – Quite a large overhaul of export, might be done in several steps
  • Annotation Table with Tree structure – a popular request, which we’ve done some prototyping on and are working on, this is a big one though
  • Tiling – Calculate the number of tiles needed for an area
  • Angles – Additional features for angles and an easier interface


Phase 2:

  • User Settings – Generally available user settings and password managements, also quite a big one
  • Estimate base register – Standardize rows and pricings for your estimates
  • Folder structure templates – A popular request, will help you get going easier and more structured with a standardized setup


Phase 3:

  • SnapOn – it’s still on the list, we’ll get there
  • Import of G2 projects – we expect application to be fully migratable for all users at this point
  • Sharing projects with users outside your organization – Collaboration is getting a boost in usability


Phase 4:

  • Estimate: Painting (Sweden) – Launch of the new estimation data set for painting
  • Import of G1 projects (eKalkyl) – we expect application to be fully migratable for all users at this point

NOTE: This list can and probably will have its content changed and reworked as we go along and make discoveries during development. But the overall idea will still be followed.

This month’s round of updates has been spread out a bit more due to Hotfixes, these are minor critical updates that we deploy outside the normal release cycle.


  • [Feature] The project view has been reworked to now feature a table view of all projects. This should help you get a better overview of all your projects. You can click the columns to sort and search from the normal search field in the AppBar.



  • [Feature] Display Values, e.g. values shown on Annotations on the PDF, will now save and load based on each individual Annotation. This means they will no longer reset when switching PDFs or logging in/out of the application.
  • [Upgrade] New hotkey command for selecting all annotations is available; ’Ctrl + A’.
  • [Upgrade] Point Annotations have been improved when placing and selecting, should now be better aligning with the cursor when placing and respond more accurately when selected.
  • [Upgrade] Fixed a bug where the delete hotkey didn’t register properly when focus had been lost of the PDF.
  • [Upgrade] Fixed a bug where negative values would sometimes be returned for volumes and walls when using Height set to 0.0.
  • [Upgrade] Fixed a bug where circles returned length two times in the Annotation Properties.
  • [Upgrade] Fixed a bug where changing colour scales didn’t function properly. Scales have been told to behave and not refuse colour changing.
  • [Hotfix: 2018-02-15] Auto focus on names when creating new Annotations has been fixed and should now work properly again.
  • [Hotfix: 2018-02-21] Printing PDFs values have been tweaked to be properly shown. More updates are to come for printing PDFs in a larger patch in the future.
  • [Hotfix: 2018-02-26] Display filter for show all/show current page Annotations have been fixed to now properly show sub folder data correctly.
  • [Hotfix: 2018-02-26] Scales should now properly be copied between pages in the same PDF-file again.


Geometra 1 (eKalkyl)

Price databases for Nordsjö have been updated with new prices. All new projects will be using these updates automatically. To try them on an existing project please make a backup copy of the project before switching the databases.