Latest updates
We use to Twitter to quickly reach our users with vital information like server status changes or other information. Follow us on Twitter and enable notifications on our posts or check back here for updates.

We're restarting services for Geometra 2 to improve performance. Service should return to normal in a few minutes.

We've just published an update for Geometra and also did some thinking about the past year. We hope you enjoy!

December updates have arrived along with our new website! Head over to:

Latest update:

A fix for the file upload has been deployed to G3. Text will require a client side update to be removed. No more page refreshing!

We've been monitoring traffic all morning. Geometra 2 looks to be operating as inteded. We will recap events and inform you more soon.

Regarding Geometra 2 and performance issues. We've scheduled a server upgrade 2017-12-02 20:00 CET. Read more here:

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Support, from start to finish

We work hard to make sure our services are up and running as intended. Sometimes though, things happen and some help on the way might be required. We're here to help, let us know.
Geometra support is available in the following languages:

e-mail support

Contact our costumer service via email. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. If email is too slow for your current problem, please feel free to use our phone support.

phone support

You'll reach our support via the phone from pretty much anywhere. We're here waiting for your call, ready to help.


Maybe attending a webinar would be the thing for you? Don't hesitate sending us a mail letting us know you want a webinar. We'll get back to you.

remote support

Use this link when talking to our costumer service. This will allow us to connect to you and view your desktop.