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We're restarting services for Geometra 2 to improve performance. Service should return to normal in a few minutes.

We've just published an update for Geometra and also did some thinking about the past year. We hope you enjoy!

December updates have arrived along with our new website! Head over to:

Latest update:

A fix for the file upload has been deployed to G3. Text will require a client side update to be removed. No more page refreshing!

We've been monitoring traffic all morning. Geometra 2 looks to be operating as inteded. We will recap events and inform you more soon.

Regarding Geometra 2 and performance issues. We've scheduled a server upgrade 2017-12-02 20:00 CET. Read more here:

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An easy set of tools

Striving to provide a simple but competent user experience. We work diligently to design a service that will allow you, the user, to achieve your goal.

Upload your project files and documents and store them securely in our cloud storage, called Drive. Organise them in folders and build your own structure. From here you can easily open your PDF documents and start doing takeoffs and estimations. Files and documents are readily available to you and your team whenever you need them.


Create Annotations and Markup on your PDFs to get quick and easy takeoffs. Our set of tools will help you get the job done in as little as half the time. Color, sort, number and name as you go along building your takeoff set. Organise in folders and summarize simply by selecting your Annotations.


Make use of the basic framework supplied by Geometra to start gathering your costs into a summary and get an easier time compiling your quote. Using our calculation tools will allow you to re-use the takeoffs you've already made and simplify the quoting compilation. Need more advanced features for estimating?


Wether you wish to export a simple summary of the square meters for selected Annotations or a more summarized report of all calculation rows; Geometra offers an export function to quickly copy your results to Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Numbers and more. Or simply download the PDF with Annotations saved into the PDF itself.


Through the magic of the cloud Geometra offers you and your colleagues real time collaboration on projects. No need to save, sync, download or other manual settings. Everyone is up to date as soon as they connect. Working seamlessly with team members will save you countless hours of coordination.