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Server maintenance has been completed. From now on you’ll find our service at:

Our phones might be unreachable as Tele2 is working through problems affecting telecom. Mail us at support if you need help!

We’ve discovered a critical bug and are temporarily disabling the Annotation Tree by reverting back to the 2018-04 version. We’ll get it back up running asap for you guys!

We’re restarting services in response to a service alert. Minimal downtime expected. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause!

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2018-09 Hotfixes Return of the tree

2018-09 Hotfixes Return of the tree

New features:

  • You can now change the height of all Annotation in a folder and all its subfolders by via the Annotation Properties. Please be observant when using this and double check your selection before changing. There’s currently no ‘Undo’ for this feature.
  • Expand/Collapse your current folder path has been added as a click toggle for the Expand/Collapse button available next to ‘Name’ in the Annotation Tree. Hold the ALT-key when clicking to only expand/collapse to only expand your current selection.


Bugfixes and corrections

  • When selecting an Area in the Annotation Tree the button for Reduction should now properly show up.
  • We’ve tweaked the display of the cursor when selecting and moving Annotations, it’s better but we still need do some more tweaking.
  • The correct path should now always be snow in the NavBar for where the next Annotation will be created, we’ve also disabled the button to avoid any confusion.
  • Group/Folder should now properly update when moving Annotations via the option on Annotation Properties.
  • Fixed an error which caused hovering over text in certain PDFs to clear the current Annotation selection.
  • Using the ‘Show All/Show Current Page’ filters should now properly display Annotations in the tree when switching pages.