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2017-10 Update of Geometra

2017-10 Update of Geometra

Released: 2017-10-11


It’s been a bit of a slow month, we’ve been recuperating from the massive update last month and have focus on improving upon the new PDF engine. We’ve also spent considerable time planning out development cycles and collecting feedback to ensure we keep up with all of the requests and feedback coming in from our users.

This set of updates has been aimed att fixing and tweaking things since the last major release and is in whole quite small but has some crucial improvements that will allow us to keep going forward.

Thanks to massive amount of feedback we’ve recieved since the last update, we feel that we’ve gotten close to the mark we set however we still have some additional tweaking and improving left. We’ll keep at it! You can use the ‘Feedback Tool’ inside the application marked with a blue paper airplane in the top right to send your feedback straight to us.

As always we’re listening; Hit us with your feedback!
// The Geometra Team



  • [Upgrade] General improvements for language packs.
  • [Upgrade] Improvements on server tech to allow for faster updates from the client and improved stability.



  • [New feature] You can now end your current measuring by right clicking on your mouse. Same functionality as double clicking.
  • [Upgrade] Clarifications on zooming and panning added to the help section.
  • [Upgrade] Batch update management between client and server should now allow for much faster multiediting on Annotations. Very large sets of updates could previously crash the browser. (We will continue to improve upon this.)
  • [Upgrade] Fixed a bug where ParentID desynchornization could cause Annoations to not display properly in the Annoation Table.
  • [Upgrade] Fixed a bug where a perfect alignment of pixels could cause a point in an Annotation to not render.
  • [Upgrade] Fixed a bug where Polyline height field showed incorrect value after edit.
  • [Upgrade] Made more general improvements to managing Annotations in the underlaying source code. Expected result should increase overall application speed.
  • [Upgrade] Sorting of the Annations have been improved.